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Current Statutes 2005 Amendments

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Current Statutes 2005 Amendments


    Adoption deed


  • Affidavit to be furnished by the shareholder to the company for issuance of duplicate share certificate (s).
  • Affidavit to be submitted with the application for change of name in the certificate.
  • Affidavit to be submitted with the application to the regional transport authority for issuance of duplicate driving licence.
  • Affidavit to be furnished to the registrar of marriages under hindu marriage act, 1955.
  • Affidavit to be furnished to the income tax authorities for obtaining income tax clearance certificate.
  • Affidavit to be submitted with a writ petition
  • Affidavit for condonation of delay in filing appeal before the income tax appellate tribunal.
  • N.O.C. for transfer of deceased father property
  • Affidavit with the application for amending the wealth tax return under wealth tax act, 1957.
  • Notice under negotiable instruments act regarding dishonour cheque
  • Complaint against cheque dishonour
  • Acknowledgment by advocate
  • Acknowledgment by endorsement on the promissory note
  • Acknowledgment of right to arrears of licence fees under a licence
  • Acknowledgement of liability
  • Complaint against excess telephone billing
  • Complaint against defective television
  • Complaint against deficient courier service
  • Contract of employment for fixed period
  • Joining-cum-appointment letter of casual post
  • Independent contractor's agreement
  • Simple form of gift deed
  • Gift deed of property (for particular purpose)
  • Agreement for hire of a machinery
  • Hire purchase of a vehicle


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